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Perhaps we are the only one truly inscrutable creatures on planet earth. In order to be on the top of the pyramid, we learned to harness the hidden power of the atom. We discovered its unmatched potential as a power source and used it for the societal development of mankind. However, amidst this rat race to reach unlimited power, the same discovery was taken to an altogether different level and a weapon of mass destruction was made from it!


The process of assimilation of science into the war system was greatly hastened by the two world wars. Specially since WWII, science has become an essential part of modern warfare.

But warfare generates chaos, leading to unpredictability, ambiguity, and sometimes irrationality. The rationality of science and technology is fickle and rests uneasily within the chaos of war. Despite that, as long as humans have fought the wars, they have sought advantages in movement, weapons, defense, and similar qualities to enhance by the means of science and engineering.

One such event was announced in the 1930s by the unorthodox inventor Nikola Tesla. However, against all expectations Tesla made one such anti-war weapon that had an unprecedented potential to limit countries’ invasive military actions against other nations. He named it ‘Teleforce‘.